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Solaris 10 5/09がリリース

SolarisSolaris 10 5/09がリリースされた様です。

今回のリリースでの興味は、「Support Added for Using ZFS ClonesWhen Cloning a Zone」


System Resources Enhancement
* Support Added for Using ZFS Clones When Cloning a Zone
* zoneadm attach -b Option
you can back out certain patches from update on attach

System Administration Enhancements
* SMF Services for IPsec
IPsec is now managed by SMF services

Security Enhancement
* NAT-Traversal for IPsec Key Management Developers
* Stronger Algorithms for IPsec
Three larger Diffie-Hellman integer-modulus groups (2048-bit, 3072-bit, and 4096-bit) as well as SHA2 including sha256, sha384, and sha512? SHA-2 using HMAC.
* SunSSH With OpenSSL PKCS#11 Engine Support

Device Management Enhancements
* x86: T-State Support for Intel Based Processors

System Performance Enhancements
* Large Segment Offload Support for Intel PCI Express 10Gb NIC Driver
* Solaris Power Aware Dispatcher and Deep C-State Support

Developer Tools Enhancements
* SunVTS 7.0 Patch Set 5
* x86: CPU Performance Counter Updates for Intel Processors
* SUNWpatchutils Tool

Driver Enhancements
* hermon Driver
* iSCSI Target - upgraded and several performance, scalability, interoperability, and reliability improvements.It´s not the COMSTAR target.
* x86: NetXen 10-GigE Device Driver
* Intel ICH10 and Hartwell NIC Support in E1000g Driver
* xge Driver Can Enable Multiple Receive Rings and MSI-X

Other Enhancements
* New Locale Support for Kazakhstan and Ukraine
* SPARC: Fp-scrubber Daemon
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