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z/390 Emulator Hercules

z/390 EmulatorであるHerculesで汎用機生活
。 とりあえず、最新のSnapshotを取得しビルド。
# ./configure --prefix=/usr/local
# make
# make isntall
# hercules -f /usr/local/etc/hercules.cnf
# alias hercules='hercules -f /usr/local/etc/hercules.cnf'
Hercules Version 3.04.1
(c)Copyright 1999-2006 by Roger Bowler, Jan Jaeger, and others
Built on Nov 28 2006 at 20:28:52
Build information:
  Modes: S/370 ESA/390 z/Arch
  Max CPU Engines: 8
  Using setresuid() for setting privileges
  With Dynamic loading support
  Loadable module default base directory is /usr/local/lib/hercules
  Using shared libraries
  No external GUI support
  HTTP Server support
  No ZLIB support
  National Language Support
  Machine dependent assists: cmpxchg1 cmpxchg4 cmpxchg8 cmpxchg16 fetch_dw store_dw
Running on vmsl Linux- Fri Sep 1 01:48: i686 UP
Crypto module loaded (c) Copyright Bernard van der Helm, 2003-2005
HHCCF065I Hercules: tid=00004000, pid=22719, pgid=22719, priority=0
HHCRD010E Unable to access file "./util/zzsacard.bin": No such file or directory
HHCCF044E Initialization failed for device 000C
HHCCF069I Run-options enabled for this run:
          NUMCPU:           1
          ASN-and-LX-reuse: DISabled
          DIAG8CMD:         DISabled
HHCTE001I Console connection thread started: tid=00008003, pid=22722
HHCTE003I Waiting for console connection on port 3270
HHCCP002I CPU0000 thread started: tid=0000C004, pid=22723, priority=15
HHCTT002I Timer thread started: tid=00010005, pid=22724, priority=-20
HHCCP003I CPU0000 architecture mode ESA/390
HHCHT001I HTTP listener thread started: tid=00018007, pid=22726
HHCHT013I Using HTTPROOT directory "/usr/local/share/hercules/"
HHCHT006I Waiting for HTTP requests on port 8081
HHCPN001I Control panel thread started: tid=00004000, pid=22719

Command ==>
CPU0000 PSW=00000000 00000000 M.......                                    instcount=0
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IBM 3270 Terminal Emulator

使いやすいIBM 3270 Terminal Emulatorがない。